My Score Isn’t Zero

30 Jan

A lot of thinking can happen in a matter of seconds- more specifically a lot of self-doubt can happen.  As I logged into Klout for the first time waiting to see what my score would be, I was almost positively certain I would get a score of zero.  I figured there was no way my limited amount of social media knowledge (Check my prior post), would result in any kind of score.  Klout and other similar websites like Social Mention, Twitalyzer, and Kred

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help measure exactly how big of an impact your social media habits have.  Each website has its own measurement tools which basically inform you if you are using social media correctly.  The one thing I was terrified of getting on all of the sites was a score of zero.  Zero in todays modern world would basically be equivalent to getting picked last on the basketball team at recess.  Zero meaning no one wants to be your friend. (Ok maybe I am being a little dramatic but still I did NOT want the worst score).  Luckily to my pleasant surprise I had a 21 on Klout.  A 21 is in no way a great number but it at least means I cyberly exist.

After checking out my Klout score I logged onto Kred.  I have a Kred score of 477 out of 1,000 which again is not too shabby.  The funny thing about Kred is that it tells you exactly what topics social media has influence over.  Apparently I have a lot of kred in the mom bloggers and extreme sports community, two things of which I am not.

Next I logged onto Twitalyzer’s free 7 day trial.  I have an impact score of .1 and influence score of 0…not exactly what I was hoping for.  Apparently when you are terribly with social media they label you as a “casual user”.

Finally I tried to search for myself on social mention.  To my bitter disappointment I was no where to be found.  I guess this was reasonable since I hadn’t tweeted in about three weeks.  I decided to make it my mission yesterday to tweet up a storm in order to get myself at least one mention.  After my first tweet I could actually find myself and then the more tweets I had the higher my score got, therefore I tweeted A LOT.  By the end of the day my social media was at 6% strength, had 66% passion from those that followed me, had 5:1 positive vs. negative mentions, and I had a reach of 3%.  Those numbers definitely were a win, especially since I couldn’t even find myself earlier that day.

Discovering how I use social media and how much more I could be using it definitely  has inspired me to tweet more.  It is fun to see the statistics on where you stack up in the social media world and to discover new ways to make your own social media sites better.  And hey at the end of the day, at least I wasn’t a zero.


Just one sentence

27 Jan

Daniel Pink is a brilliant man.  Pink asks the question, “What’s your sentence?”, which is perhaps the most difficult question a college student like myself could answer.  How am I supposed to explain myself in a few short lines of text?? And more importantly how could I even know myself well enough to decide what is my most defining quality?

There are so many traits that make me who I am.   I am a big sister, I am a Kansas Citian, I went to an all-girls high school,  I hate math;  The list could go on and on.  But what Daniel Pink forced me to do was take all of those qualities and more into account and decide what they truly said about me as a person.

Through this exercise I have discovered that the most important thing in my life is people, whether it be my family, my friends, co-workers, fellow students, or anyone else I come into contact with.  In the past I have been that person that many of my friends go to if they need someone to talk to.  I love hearing about other people’s lives and am always able to empathize with everyone I listen to.  So after reflecting on all of the qualities that make me who I am, I have discovered my sentence.

A good friend always willing to do anything for others.

Times may change and I might meet new people, move to new places, or even change careers five times, but I know that no matter what I do in life my love for others will never change.

Internet Illiterate

21 Jan
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For being a journalism major, I am about as illiterate with social media sites as I possibly can be.  I am always one of the last people to hear about all the new sites but instead of jumping on the bandwagon, I instead hold out on getting one until I can just no longer “survive” without.  I feel like at this point if businesses people aren’t on Twitter or Facebook they will really suffer professionally, so the main thing I am hoping to get out of this class is an understanding of how to be effective with social media to build my brand.

Currently I am on Facebook and Twitter and I use them pretty regularly but only for personal uses. I love how connected social media allows us to be.  I have friends who have graduated and moved across the country that I still can talk to everyday.  Many people complain that social media sites keep us hidden behind laptops and causes us to lose our communication skills, however I truly believe that these sites if used correctly can only enhance our human interactions.  Most of my life as a child isn’t documented and if it is it’s through a few pictures or videos.  Kids growing up today who are surrounded by computers will have the opportunity to look back once they are older and know exactly what they were doing and what they thought all throughout their lives.

If these sites are used well, people will have a wonderful scrapbook of their entire lives, however there are parts of social media that make me nervous.  The thought that anyone can have access to images of me or words that I have said is a little frightening.  There are so many people out there that would use this information to exploit or even harm others.  This is one of the main reasons I am hesitant to blog or even tweet.  I do have a few blog posts that I had to write for a previous class but I still wouldn’t have gotten a blog unless it was for academic purposes.

Another reason I don’t use very much social media is that it confuses me.  I have a Pintrest but can’t really understand how to use it and I dislike it because if you like something on Pinterest often you can’t find out how to purchase these items.  Instead I like using a site called Wanelo, which is similar to Pinterest but it takes you directly to the sites you want.  Besides Twitter and Facebook, Wanelo is the only site I regularly visit.

My social media habits haven’t really changed much since I originally joined but hopefully this class will give me the tools and knowledge to effectively participate in our changing world.

Phone Books

27 Apr

I remember when I was a little kid and I loved the day every year when the phone books came.  Maybe that was a crazy thing to get excited about but then again I guess I was a pretty weird kid.  The whole concept of something new that had everyone’s number in it that I could flip through was so cool.  I guess kids always had a way of entertaining themselves for hours.  Now a days everything is online which in a way is amazing that technology has progressed that far but sad that the next generation of kids will never get to experience the simple joys of life like a phone book.  When I was young my siblings and I would play outside for hours inventing our own games.  Now my brother sits on the computer for hours.  It is just sad that we were the last generation of kids to live in a world without internet. 

Privacy Violation

27 Apr

As a high school student, every possible adult, whether our teachers, parents, or college advisors, would warn us that if we had ANYTHING out of place on our Facebooks we wouldn’t get into College.  I remember my Freshman year of high school I was terrified to get a Facebook out of sheer fear that I wouldn’t get in.  While I do get the logic behind companies and schools using social media as a form of a character profile, it seems a little unfair that they could hack into the most private part of your lives.  I try to do my best to keep my Facebook and Twitter as clean and professional as I can make it, the occasional inappropriate inside joke always falls through the cracks.  My friends and I have a unique sense of humor that many people might not understand or think is funny if all the employers do is quickly scan over a post on your wall.  A few girls while I was in high school almost got expelled because of a few pictures that were found on their walls.  The professional or educational world should leave peoples personal lives out of it.  If the goal is to leave drama and home life out of the work place then what is the point of bringing it in with Facebook checks.

Is Social Media such a good thing?

23 Apr

With all the amazing things that social media sites such as twitter and Facebook can do for you, it is easy to assume that their is no negative aspects.  The scary thing about these sites though is how popular they actually are and how much people use them for their primary sources of information the majority of the time.  The number of celebrity deaths or world catastrophes I have learned about solely because of Facebook is downright shocking.  There is a common assumption that whatever is written on these sites must be the truth and nothing but the whole truth.  Americans have become increasingly lazy when it comes to finding access to relevant information, therefore the printed newspaper is slowly becoming a thing of the past.  No one has the time or patience to buy or read the paper in print form.  While it is convenient having all information you could possibly dream about wanting to know only a button click away, the possibility for people to believe in false truths is incredibly high.  While I would never want to go back to the world before the time of these media sites, what is important is to be aware of what is put online and know that not everything you read is always the most accurate!

The New Iphone

16 Apr

As rumors of the new Iphone 5 swirl around the internet world I can’t help but wondering if it all is worth it.  It seems like every time you buy the newest, latest and greatest update to your electronic devices something bigger and better is on the market two weeks later.  My new Samsung Galaxy that I got just less than four months ago is already out of date.  I understand that people are constantly innovating and wanting to make as many new advances as can be but is constantly remaking the same exact thing really the way to do it?!? All the new updates really only promotes one thing: consumerism.  Our culture is so caught up with ALWAYS having to buy the best new product regardless of the fact that we have three of the exact same things except that they were last months model.  I recently saw a product review for the new Kindle Fire in which the writer was saying how badly she wanted the Kindle even though she has an iphone, ipod, tablet, ipad and about five other similar products.  Are all of those really necessary to check email or update your twitter or whatever other insignificant activity she is using them for?  There are so many better uses for that money so how about instead of buying the new Iphone this summer you actually do something worthwhile with it.