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Stuff White People Like

16 Mar

Last night, in an effort to procrastinate as much as possible, I happened to walk into one of the funniest lectures I have ever had the pleasure of hearing on a college campus. I had never heard of Christian Lander or even his book, Stuff White People Like, but that didn’t stop me from rolling out of my chair laughing for a straight hour.  While the things in his book were extremely hilarious, including stories ranging from scarves to farmers markets, he surprisingly dealt with some serious race and class issues as well.  What amazed me the most though was how Christian Lander became successful.  His whole story began when he and his friend were discussing all the funny things about white people and he decided to put it on Word Press just like so many millions of people do everyday.  He steadily saw the views grow within the first few days until he reached about 1,000 views a day.  The numbers soon began to grow and grow until he was starting to be featured on major news stations.  Eventually he had hundreds of thousands of views a day and Hollywood agents were flying him to LA to have meetings.  Within months of his first blog post, he was working on a book that became a New York Times Best Seller.  People work all their lives in Hollywood hoping to reach the success that Christian has, yet he became a bestseller within 6 months of starting his blog.  This just proves how powerful media can really be.  With a little luck and some original ideas, amazing things can happen. Image


Kony 2012

9 Mar

The newest internet craze sweeping across every online outlet from facebook to twitter is Kony 2012. The rise in popularity of this video truly shows how powerful social media is. The first time I saw any mention of this video was two nights ago. By 9:00 p.m. tonight I have seen about 200 posts clogging up my minified. Whether a person is for the Invisible Children movement or against the organization, one thing can’t be denied, the public has a voice like never before. People are getting more involved than they ever have been before. Supporting causes has never been easier, all of the information can be found online in seconds and you can show your support with just a credit card number and a click of a button. The only downside of this new wave of support is the causes that are being supported. Once someone hears about a cause it is easy to jump on the bandwagon and not even check where the information is coming from. There have been reports of shady money practices of the Invisible Children Organization and some say that their support of U.S. military involvement isn’t the smartest way to handle this issue. Whether or not support of this organization is smart, the fact that millions of people all over the world are getting together and feeling passionate about an issue is extraordinary, and it is all because of the internet.

Timeline, the final step for Facebook

8 Mar

Facebook is one of those things that will forever define our generation and it isn’t something that is going away anytime soon.  The first time I logged onto facebook my sophomore year of high school, the only thing I was expecting was to now have a way to see pictures of all the weird kids from back in grade school.  In the past four years that I have been an active facebook member, it seems that facebook goes through a half a dozen facelifts and makeovers a year but I think the next chapter that facebook will soon mandate is truly the culmination of everything facebook has ever worked toward, The Timeline. I am not typically the type of person that is at the forefront of these new facebook changes.  I am set in my ways and like things to stay the same but I am definitely behind the new features that the Timeline is putting into place.  Our generation is always on the go and new technology is constantly making that easier and easier.  We need things that are simple and efficient and don’t take any time or energy to get done.  I have always wanted to scrapbook or journal my life but I am always too busy being out there and actually living it.  The new timeline is like a scrapbook of all the silly pictures and comments a person has ever made.  One day my future kids will be able to log onto my facebook and see how much I have grown, from being that goofy little 8th grader with a horrible haircut to being a mom, and ever step along the way.  This is such an exciting time to be alive because instead of living our lives and just moving forward, we now have a way of looking back on all the good and not so good points in our life and we can share that with many a generation to come.