Going to the cats and dogs

14 Apr
One of the friends we made during our visit

One of the friends we made during our visit

This past week I visited the Nebraska Humane Society for a class field trip.  I am always thankful for field trips in college because honestly what could be more fun than reliving your childhood and taking fun excursions with your class.  I was, however, especially excited for this particular field trip because who could ever not want to hang out with cute dogs and cats when you are supposed to be in class.

Once we got to the building we ran around the shelter picking out our favorite animals and looking at the scary looking tarantula.  Once we had our pet fix for the day we all sat down to hear the presentation on social media.  The lady in charge of the Human Society’s social media was a recent Creighton graduate and had increased the social media presence of the organization by an incredible amount.  She gave a ton of good advice but one of the most important things that stuck with me was don’t give up.  Once she arrived at the Humane Society, the social media was relatively small.  She said it took a while to get people interested in following them on Facebook or to interact with the posts.  She kept at the social media and knew if she stuck it out for a while it might just pay off one day.  She has done this and is now up to over 30,000 likes on Facebook.

Something else I learned was that if you want people to do something you need to ask for their help.  She has seen a huge difference between just posting a picture of animals and telling people to share the picture.  The number of interactions has gone up immensely which helps in the overall presence that the Society has on social media.  This is definitely something that I could include in my plan for my social media class and with any organization that I am involved with in the future.

One of the most important lessons I took from this visit was to do something you love.  The reason she has turned the Humane Society’s social media into such a success is that she loves doing it.  If you love your work and are passionate about what you do, there is no way you can’t succeed.  I can’t wait to find a job in the future that I will absolutely love and enjoy going to everyday.


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