Privacy Violation

27 Apr

As a high school student, every possible adult, whether our teachers, parents, or college advisors, would warn us that if we had ANYTHING out of place on our Facebooks we wouldn’t get into College.  I remember my Freshman year of high school I was terrified to get a Facebook out of sheer fear that I wouldn’t get in.  While I do get the logic behind companies and schools using social media as a form of a character profile, it seems a little unfair that they could hack into the most private part of your lives.  I try to do my best to keep my Facebook and Twitter as clean and professional as I can make it, the occasional inappropriate inside joke always falls through the cracks.  My friends and I have a unique sense of humor that many people might not understand or think is funny if all the employers do is quickly scan over a post on your wall.  A few girls while I was in high school almost got expelled because of a few pictures that were found on their walls.  The professional or educational world should leave peoples personal lives out of it.  If the goal is to leave drama and home life out of the work place then what is the point of bringing it in with Facebook checks.


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