Baking for Dummies

16 Apr

I am utterly and completely lost when it comes to baking.  It’s not like I don’t try and when I do things turn out ok occasionally, I just have no ability at putting ingredients together or remembering recipes.  If this was the late 90’s I would probably need to buy myself a self help “Dummy” book just to cook the most basic recipes.  Fortunately it isn’t and technology has improved leaps and bounds.  Now instead of slaving away looking through dozens of old school recipe books, all I have to do is hit “stumble” on my stumbleupon account.  Stumbleupon is one of my all time favorite websites for a number of reasons but the amazing looking food has got to be my number one best use for it.  All I have to do is hit stumble a few times and a new mouthwatering recipe is bound to pop up.  The internet holds thousands among thousands of different recipes.  All you have to do is decide exactly what you are in the mood for and a dozen or more recipes of that exact thing are only a click of the computer away.  Recently I decided I would attempt peanut butter and chocolate bars but unfortunately I didn’t have any vegetable oil.  Once again the internet is a lifesaver and all I had to do was type on Stumble “alternatives for vegetable oil” and I learned the exact conversion I would need for 1tablespoon of vegetable oil to be butter.  The internet and stumbleupon specifically can be a lifesaver for many different things, but especially for those as food impaired as I am.


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