The New Iphone

16 Apr

As rumors of the new Iphone 5 swirl around the internet world I can’t help but wondering if it all is worth it.  It seems like every time you buy the newest, latest and greatest update to your electronic devices something bigger and better is on the market two weeks later.  My new Samsung Galaxy that I got just less than four months ago is already out of date.  I understand that people are constantly innovating and wanting to make as many new advances as can be but is constantly remaking the same exact thing really the way to do it?!? All the new updates really only promotes one thing: consumerism.  Our culture is so caught up with ALWAYS having to buy the best new product regardless of the fact that we have three of the exact same things except that they were last months model.  I recently saw a product review for the new Kindle Fire in which the writer was saying how badly she wanted the Kindle even though she has an iphone, ipod, tablet, ipad and about five other similar products.  Are all of those really necessary to check email or update your twitter or whatever other insignificant activity she is using them for?  There are so many better uses for that money so how about instead of buying the new Iphone this summer you actually do something worthwhile with it.


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